Keeping on top of payroll is often very tiring for small business owners. Often, there are not enough hours in the day of SME’s to complete the all the work that needs to be completed. From managing your employees, to administrative tasks and doing work in order to further the business.

Payroll tasks are known to be quite difficult, it is notoriously time consuming. That is why we at TFM Centre offer to opportunity to take the payroll tasks out of your hand. Call our Payroll & CIS service today for more information.

Why Our Payroll Southend Service can help you be more effective:

For many business owners, the rules and regulations behind Payroll and Construction Industry Payroll can be quite confusing at time. Outsourcing your payroll services to experienced accountants can lead to much better results. To add to that, if you outsource the payroll tasks, you will gain a lot of valuable time you can then use to further the business.

Payroll Southend: What we offer:

We have various payroll and payroll related services we can offer you.

Registration: Registering your initial PAYE registration and admin services, we can help you ensure the registration with HMRC will go smoothly in order to allow you to pay out Pay as You Earn salaries according to legislations.

Maintaining Employee Records: A payroll record will be created for every employee. The includes sensitive information such as address, date of birth, National Insurance number, tax code and basic salary. Due to our flexible set up we can accept the data in every form.

Payslip Functionality: We are able to set-up a regular electronic payslip for your employees. This can allow your employees to view and save the payslips online.

On top of that, we can guarantee setting up a payroll that allows full flexibility. All of our Payroll Set-ups accommodate growth and new structures, support updates in legislations.

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