Do you need help organising your finances and filing your year end accounts? We are experienced in all aspects of tax and accounting and we can help you and you business succeed.

Many small business owners struggle filing their year end accounts Southend. Often, owners and managers of SME’s have a severe lack of time, seeing as many of them work very long hours. Recent study has pointed out that many owners of small businesses in the United Kingdom work more than 60 hours a week on average.

60 hours a week is much more than the average working week. Often, business owners and managers are responsible for jobs due to the fact that small businesses often cannot afford hiring employees, especially in the early stages of the venture. The Year-End taxes are often another task that takes up quite some serious time.

year end accounts southend

There is an alternative however: At the Financial Management Centre in Southend, we are able to help you complete your year-end taxes and all other administrative tasks relating to the end of the fiscal tax year.

Why are Year End Accounts Southend Important?

For many smaller companies, it is not required by law to present annual Financial Statements to HMRC. However, it in order to complete a computation and calculate any liability – some form of accounts must be produced. Only LLC’s are obligated to file their reports within nine months after the company’s year-end. To add to that, the year end statement that will be filed with HMRC, is also useful in case you would like to share the annual performance of the company with the shareholders.

How Do I Know when the Year-End is?

Most companies choose their own year-end. Making the decision on your year-end date is important. Picking the correct end date can be very profitable in the long term. Many business owners will pick a calendar year or the tax year, which would normally start early April. Picking the tax year will make your tax liability based on the most current legislation, which minimises the chances of fines or any other penalties based on the fact that your company’s financial structure might not be fully up to date with new legislations.

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